Ion Cleanse


34% Glyphosate Reduction

IonCleanse by AMD detox footbath usage resulted in lower glyphosate levels in study participants as compared to the control group. Therefore, this method of detox appears to be a successful therapy in the excretion of glyphosate in humans.

Heavy Metal Excretion

Get this – the most beneficial detox benefit with the IonCleanse by AMD happens after the footbath. In this study, there was sufficient data to demonstrate that using the IonCleanse system had statistically significant higher levels of excretion of toxic elements in the urine. Reduction in  major heavy metals including 46% for Aluminum & 24% for  Cadmium.

How it works?

Come Relax & Detox

Sessions (30 min)

  • Promotes a Sense of Calm
  • Less Brain Fog
  • Better, Deeper Sleep


$25 each or 10 Sessions for $200 

(mix and match with infrared sauna)