Burning the Candle at Both Ends

Hot Mess

Over the years expressions change but the meanings still prevail.  Call it OCD, multitasking, workaholic and/or perfectionism most people today are burning the candle at both ends.

Unfortunately I was guilty of this condition.  It didn't happen until I was older but I found myself needing coffee to start my day, sugar to continue it and wine to finish it!  

I hated being in this daily cycle of having to depend on what I believe as legal drugs to survive.

Luckily with my years of nutrition knowledge I broke the horrible cycle but it wasn't easy.

Even today when I share my story with customers they use their grandparents as an example of why they should be able to eat whatever they want and live to 100.  I do notice that they can't use their parents as an example since our foods conditions started to radically change in the 50's.

For instance, in 1953 a bowl of spinach gave you enough iron where as in 2007 it took 51 bowls to provide adequate iron.  That is just one nutrient!  Our bodies need 90 essential nutrients to function properly to maintain 100 trillion living cells.  Being deficients in just iron can lead to over ten illnesses.  Including anxiety and depression.

Our bodies are dictating our choices instead of our intellect.  The toxicity of the air, water, food and  the drama of life is definitely taking its toll on us.  

It is possible to be the best version of yourself.  For each of us the path will be different, usually that is why all the self help books and diet plans may seem overwhelming.  I usually hear the excuse that the information keeps changing why even try?  Information, just like us is always changing and we are all trying to be like someone else.  Just focus o the basics.n  My favorite expression is don't by the fancy curtains if you haven't built the foundation first!

Here are some basics that we seem to keep overlooking to try to find that new quick fix.

Start your day with a large glass of high quality water.  (Not from a plastic bottle)

Early morning brisk walk taking deep breaths (Any distance helps)

Eat Veggies!  Organic is better but just eat them (Please)

Avoid eating in a hurry or in your car.  Relax and chew.

Do not eat if you are upset  

Please be patient with yourself, your body has the ability to heal you just be kind and loving to it.